Problems of Grand Unified Theory

In this articel we are going to discuss Problems of Grand Unified Theory. A summary of the points we discussed in the previous article.

  • To study the nature of the universe requires an understanding of the four fundamental forces that underlie all its events.
  • Physicists seek to bring these four forces together under the same equation, but there are still many obstacles to discovering that theory.
  • Fermions and bosons are the fundamental particles that make up the universal creation, the atoms that make up the “building blocks” of all matter.
  • The euphemisms are elementary particles, and the fundamental forces exert by the exchange of boson particles between them.

But in addition to the particles we have discovered, there are many more fundamental particles to explain the nature of the universe
Need to find out more.

Imperfections in the standard form

Quantum physics is the physics that best describes the behaviour and properties of the smallest particles.
As we explained in the previous article, let’s discuss some more issues.

By the standard model, we know that the strong nuclear force exerts by the gluon, the magnetic force, the photon, and the weak nuclear force exerted by the W and Z bosons. Similarly, gravity must cause by graviton particle exchanges, but there is no basis for it.

The standard model cannot confirm what the general relativity of gravity says. This makes it impossible to combine gravity with the other three forces.

Today, the hottest topic of physics is combining these four powers. So, explaining how these four forces work together under one equation gives an explanation of the birth and nature and end of the universe and is 100% of all past/present/future/secret / known phenomena. A scientific explanation is the discovery of the theory of everything.

If the theory of everything is successful,

You can find out in a minute today the total number of flowers and the number of flowers in a rose tree that you wish to plant in the future.

But to achieve that goal with this standard model, writing a syllabus using five years of knowledge is not necessary. Only% of the atoms and particles we can describe made up of known energies. This 4 % is all we know, such as the stars, galaxies, and black holes, and the other 96% is matter and powers that we can’t even guess!

According to physicists, about 27% of this 96 % is considered a dark matter. Therefore, the standard model was unable to explain them, and all measures taken to explain them were largely unsuccessful.

Moreover, the standard model for the mass of a particle called neutrino is in contradiction with the research report. The standard model states that the neutrino particle has no mass. But recent research indicates that the neutrino has a very small mass.

So this standard model is not a complete, powerful principle that explains the theory of all things. Regardless of which problem solve, the standard model is incomplete until the answer to gravity obtained.

String theory and integration attempt

This theory proposed to solve the above problems. The fibers are the size of one centimetre divided by one centimetre, one part divided by one billion, one part divided into one billion, and one part divided by one billion.

This theory states that all of the basic particles we described above mades up of fibers. These fibers have natural vibrations.
This string theory became popular because we can explain the force of gravity with these fibers.

These remarkable qualities convince physicists that this theory will evolve into a perfect theory.

According to this theory, the universe has ten dimensions. Time limit to four full dimensions that we know. Moreover, this theory is able to describe the forces of gravity and other forces only in these ten dimensions!

This ten-dimensional problem is one of the reasons why string theory is not experimentally verified. It isn’t very easy to think of other dimensions that we have not yet experimentally verified.

We have been able to validate the standard model experimentally, but it does not fully explain the behaviour of nature and the four fundamental forces. While this string theory provides some explanation of the fundamental forces and properties of nature, we are unable to experimentally verify this phenomenon due to phenomena such as ten dimensions, multiverse, parallel universes.

Nevertheless, physicists believe that M-theory can obtain the theory of everything. Though incomplete at present, they feel that it has the structure necessary to explain the theories of nature in the future entirely.

When this theory is complete, we may have the technology needed to test it.

The law of gravity helps us to explain why an apple might fall down, but we have no answer today why it is beyond that limit. It is this science that initiates our search for the mysterious mystery of nature. In the next article, we will look at ANTHROPIC PRINCIPLE (Human Fundamental Principle).


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