Heisenberg uncertainty principle

In our second and third article, we discussed how quantum physics began with the discovery of Max Planck. Quantum physics is over a hundred years old, but we are still trying to understand it. In the evening, the same word that said in the morning that an electromagnetic wave is a wave But will translate into a particle.In the early days, this was a confusing topic. Every day we face events are subject to Newton’s law. Heisenberg uncertainty principle is also same.

These rules do not apply to atomic quantities. A particle can be a wave, and a wave can be a particle. Do not be. To further explain, a particle can only exist in its own space in the universe — only one place at a time. There is a space. For some reason, nothing else can occupy it.

Then a particle is always a single particle. But because of the echo that interferes with the sound of a sound, a single wave can be converted into several streams.

Waves and particles show so much contrast, but when it comes to the atomic level, it says to be one. Quantum principles and theories are not fiction, but scientific theories that have been repeatedly tested and verified by scientists in many parts of the world.The quantum world is an extraordinary place. There is no law. An electron can be both a particle and a wave.

There is one of the most important and well-known experiments in quantum science. The name of the experiment is the “double-slit experiment.”

The experiment confirmed that electrons or photons were present in both particle and waveforms. Another surprise was that the electrons immediately realized that they were being observed, leaving the waveform and taking the shape of the particles!

This behaviour is common to electron photons and many subatomic particles. The differential nature that observes during the observation is called the superposition of the particle.

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle states that the exact position and momentum of a particle cannot be known simultaneously. This uncertainty arises because the measurement process affects the object being measured.

Schrodinger’s imaginary experiment

In Schrodinger’s imaginary experiment , a cat placed in a box containing very little radioactive material. If the radioactive material decays, the cat dies. Suppose that the laws of quantum mechanics govern the decay of radioactive material. The radioactive substance is in a mixed state that can be decayed or not. Nobody can see anything that happens inside the box.

The properties that we show when we observe the electron are not its actual properties.

As the multiverse or multi-universal theory is spreading, the spiritual dreams of physicists blurred. It has also provided some relief for a problem that has not been answered for many years. For example, if the nuclear force is slightly larger than the current, Hydrogen atoms combine to form helium atoms.


Without hydrogen, without water, neither would you, nor would I. Likewise, nuclear powers are a little smaller now, but the universe is no longer the same. Physicist, as explained by the Anthropic principle.That is the universe we see as observers can exist in terms of parameters.

The Greek word anthropic means “about humanity”. This appears to be a misuse here. Because of the value of the basic parameters were different, not only humans but no organism would be able to survive. Although this theory is valid, there is a huge question as to why the basic parameters are sufficient for the organism. I don’t think so. There is also the view that all of these called Intelligent Design.

Along with the clergy, even the philosophers and scientists claimed that the fine-tuning we so often see is the existence of God.

For example, Francis Collins (American physician-geneticist who associated genes with a number of diseases and led the Human Genome Project) at the 2011 Pepperdine University Conference of Christian Scholars. , “All the arrangements are so delicately built on the edges of the classical – improbable mix that our universe is a complex structure and at the same time it is capable of bringing life to any living being.” The purpose of God is to create something beyond the proportional wandering particles of the universe.

There is one thing we need to understand here. Some of our brothers have drawn some theories of quantum physics and argue that Buddhist philosophy founded on a scientific basis. Similarly, the theologians, by using these atrophic principals / intelligent design doctrines, confirm the existence of God. It is undoubtedly theoretical and theoretical. Theism or Parinirvana is in agreement with some theorists. But there is no basis for saying that one is more scientific than the other. Since religion and science are entirely similar subjects, it is pointless to link them up.

What is fine-tuning ?

Many scientists cannot accept the idea that fine-tuning has taken place in terms of intellectual constructionism. This theory states that there are innumerable universes with different properties, such as nuclear/gravitational potential, and that there are multiple universes, each with its size. There is no doubt that there are very few living universes in those universes. We are somehow in a universe that can afford life. It does not matter.

The best answer is to ask why I live on a planet where oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, freezing and boiling water are all 0 degrees Celsius and water, light, temperature, all these superbugs. Our luck? Divine blessing or else a mystery?

The current answer is, “We can’t be born anywhere without this facility.” The environment of the other planets is not conducive to life – Uranus’s temperature is 271 degrees Celsius. Every planet we have discovered has its barriers.

The multi-universal principle

The multi-universal principle, which explains the fine-tuning puzzle / fine-tuning, conveys the concept of how the universe can be created without the help of a talented designer.
It would have been possible without lively logic to argue that there is no God or any theory of action.

Do the fundamental parameters need to be understood in the same way that the human principle is correct and also within the universal principle? Many physicists, like Weinberg and Guth, are reluctant to agree that social policies can explain the global conditions of the universe systematically by combining theory and pluralism. The little old newspaper has weighed down, and we’re here because the universe is here, the universe This is why we have to make up our mind here and watch a film and sleep with a pillow.

Let’s take a double-slit experiment in the next article.


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