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Intel vs Ryzen ( consumer grade ),which is the best?

Intel vs Ryzen . This conflict has been raging for centuries and has come to the present day. Although Intel has been leading the competition until recently, in 2017, AMD announced the launch of its new ryzen processor lineup, Intel. Why? Some say they offer the best performance at a paid the price, some say they come with a good cooler, some say Intel has better ECC support compared to workstations.
Whenever you want to ask if intel or AMD is good, never hesitate to say “Ryzen good,” but “why do you say AMD is good?” Never hesitate to torture. So today I’m going to explain to you, is that Ryzen good? Bad? Have Intel Processors Counted? Is it cheaper to buy ryzen? Answers to many other questions. Let me explain it in steps.

First of all, let’s assume that we pay the most amount of cores & threads.

The 4cores / 4threads ryzen 2200g is about $ 120, while the Intel’s 4cores / 4threads i3 8100 is about $ 145. And with ryzen’s Radeon vega APU comes 22. It can also be overclocked. The 6cores / 12threads ryzen 2600 is about $ 210, the intel’s 6cores / 12threads i7 8700 is about $ 385, and the 6cores / 6threads i5 8400 is about $ 230. 8cores / 16threads The ryzen 2700 is $ 360, while the 8cores / 16threads intel i9 9900K costs about $ 690. Accordingly, ryzen processors carry more cores/threads compared to Intel.

According to the cores/threads we see on the outside, processor performance is like choosing a camera with megapixels. I remember AMD’s FX series. The FX8350 is an 8core CPU unit. But the performance is less than that of the 4core i5 2500. According to the chipset technology of the two processors. It varies according to the techniques used by the processor manufacturer. What type should you choose in practice without going too deep into it? Select the type
I will explain why and how to take advantage of it in various fields.

If gaming,

If you’re targeting gaming and making a PC, there are a few things to consider before choosing a Risen processor. A game is a process called workload on a single core/thread of a processor. Then the game acts as a single unit rather than assigning each function to a single core/thread. When using a CPU user like the 4core i5, usage monitored if the usage is monitored by 1% of the four cores used. In a CPU like 6 / 8core, the last cores 4 5 might not even be usable. Gaming affects the processor’s single-core performance. Compared to Ryzen, Intel’s cores/threads are similar, but Intel processors outperform single-core performance. For example, the Core i7 8700K and the ryzen 2600x usually have a difference of 20-30 fps, but both are 6cores / 12threads. Intel processors have a higher turbo boost frequency compared to Risen. The Core i5 8400 and the ryzen 2600 are available in the midrange. According to the Cinebench r15 benchmark, the 8400’s single-core / thread score is 166-168, and the 2600’s single core/thread score is 150.

Due to the difference of 16 and 18 core, the 8400 6threads are 10-20 fps ahead of 2600 in the case. But ryzen can overclock any processor, so OC like 4GHz can get fps to 8400. But it does require a good cooling solution and more power, and the OC does not always stabilize. Most of the Release fever games until now 2019 are 4cores / threads or higher Optimized for 6cores / threads. Only a handful of games like Ashes of Singularity, Civilization Vi, and Battlefield V are currently optimized for 8/12 threads. Recently, the StarWars Battlefront II game released by Relays saw a gap of 30-40 FPS between 8400 and 2600 because it is not optimized for multi-threads. (See the Benchmark graphs below for more detail.) The ryzen 2nd gen lineup Radeon Vega APU leaked ryzen 2200g (vega 8), and 2400g (vega 11) processors have caused controversy in budget gaming because of its included Radeon Vega GPU Despite using a Vga card, the GT1030 (vega 11) card can be played with a good framerate between 1080p low-meds, despite the existing AAA titles. The UHD Graphics 630 Vega APU with the Intel 8100 processor is not as powerful as the Intel 8100 processor, so having an Intel processor is a must.
Happening. Therefore, it is best to choose a process based on the budget and budget you are planning to do.

In the case of Workstation / Multi-threaded activities,

If you’re going to build workstations for professional work, consider Risen Processors as a good option for cost-effectiveness. For video editing, rendering, etc., cores/threads are more likely to have increased effectiveness. In multi-threaded workloads, you have to rely on single-thread performance in gaming
Raison processors have more efficiency. As you said before, you can buy ryzen seven 2700x 70s and invest the rest of the money in Ram Vija instead of paying 125,000 for an i9 (if money is okay)
When compared to the midrange i5 8400 and ryzen 5 2600, the cinebench multi-threaded score of 2600 is between 1100-1300 and the 8400 is 910 – 940 and 8400 is Rs.4000-5000 more than 2600. Then it’s clear that it is better to choose a raison d’etre than Intel in the works.

Also, live streaming is like VGA Video encoding is so proper that the processor directly affects the live collision. So a threads 8+ processor required to record it. Because the game and the video encoding are not gold. Also, if you work on virtual machines, you have more threads in VM Smoothies are essential to work on.


Intel processor (consumer)

Working with less power consumption.Payment of premium per unlocked cpu (8700 – 70000 / 8700k – 89000)
More single core performanceRelatively reduced memory bandwidth.
Compared to gamingNeed a high-end m / b (z-series) for OC.
Relatively high Boost clockCost: Reduced threads ratio relative to raisins

AMD Ryzen processor

Advantages Disadvantages
OC facility from low end processorIncreased power consumption relative to Intel
To be able to OC using a mid-range (B-series) board without going to high-end m / b (X-series).Lack of single-threaded performance, low on Intel processors in that category
Relatively high memory bandwidth
ECC memory support
Cost: Increase threads relative to Intel
Provide a Pattu Native CPU Cooler to every important processor

Things like “Intel? Raisen?” Ask for a counter to say, “What?” That. Then he’ll have to answer. I hope you don’t understand the answer.

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