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Best Windows Emulators to run Android Apps

About five years ago, I had the guts to run Android on Windows. We’ve seen Oracle VM installed on Android 4.2 ISO. Worked fine, but not as smooth as a phone and had a lot of application compatibility and connection issues. We didn’t know about emulators at the time. Emulators have been able to bypass many of these optimization shortcomings and work as standalone software. Recently, the popular PUBG mobile game became popular among Sri Lankan girls due to the word ’emulator.’ This is an excellent opportunity to target people who have no money to buy PUBG PCs. So a client named Tencent Game Buddy created an emulator environment that allowed PCs to play PUBGM. But this is not a full-fledge emulator. In this article we will discuss about Best Windows Emulators to run Android Apps.

An emulator can simulate every option on an Android smartphone. Install an app, Lock Screen, Main Screen, Drop Down Notification & Quick Settings Menu. But since the emulator connects to the Internet through a network share via Windows, you can use text msg & call. But you can use any IM like Messenger, Viber, IMO, Whatsapp instead. I haven’t used any Android smartphone in almost three years now. Instead, the Android Emulators on my laptop and desktop use it. From that, my FB, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram apps, and the Clash Royale, Clash of Clans that I’ve been playing for years, use without any problems.

The Best Emulators

I’m going to use the emulator called Memu Play. One of the best emulators available. It’s developed by a chinese team. In addition, two Nox and Bluestacks emulators are also used. The Nox is equally as advanced as the Memu, and the bluestacks have come a long way compared to the shit that existed 3 to 4 years ago.

Nothing to say about Memu. The software interface, as well as the Memu Launcher interface running on Android 5.1, is great. With a dual-core CPU like the Core 2 Duo with 4GB of RAM, direct 11 support VGA can work without any problems. The only problem with them has some Helakuru Keyboard madness: v We can work with the keyboard like a Keyboard Mouse connected tab. Google Play Games, Play Store, and any Google service works without any problems. And we can allocate the RAM, CPUs, storage resources on our PC as we want. Then there is no jumping out of that limit.

If you download Memu, you can go to and have about 350 MB to download. Install the app to install the apps that have 3 GB of 4 GB and work on Android os. [Also, the first thing to say is that the first time you set up the emulator and set up the gmail, after installing the apps games, open the software called Multi Memu and export the VM named Memu and back up. Because when the current goes through the emulator, the probability of crashing is very high. 99% of the time the emu is open. Then go to Multi Memu and remove the existing VM and create a new one. Then you have to install all the apps from the beginning. Just like the phone formatted. ] And this Mult-Menu item allows us to run 2 of 3 emulators at once. For example, one can open two emulators, like 2 COCs on 2 phones. Install it.

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